Intro to Masking with After Effects

Get your workspace ready

Add the text and position it or add the animation you want

I am adding some drop shadow to this text

going to position it on the far right so it scrolls across the page

mark the keyframe on position

scroll through the video, move the text to it’s next location

the mask

Add a solid layer, color doesnt matter

looks like this

move this layer to the bottom, but keep it selected

I like to use the ruler to know the area of the text

ctrl r brings up the ruler, you can click and drag from the ruler to create these lines

move it to the bottom

move to the portion of the video where the text crosses path with the object

pen tool

use the pen tool and select around the object

move your mask above the text layer

select alpha inverted

expand out the mask and transform

mark the keyframes for mask path, position and scale

move through the footage, keeping the object covered with the mask

bounce around through the video moving the mask as you go

this turned out poorly, but you get the idea